Washington DC Movers: Tips on What to Do Before the Move

This guide has been prepared by expert Washington DC movers to help you organize and prepare for your move. These guidelines have been thought of and prepared by the DC area movers to make moving and storage services convenient and efficient.

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UTILITIES – Arrange to have utilities (gas, electric, phone, cable, water, etc.) disconnected in your present home, and connected at your new home. For more details click here.


PORTABLE STORAGE PERMITS – Get more details regarding portable storage container City and County permits and requirements. For more details click here.


TELEPHONE – The most important issue is communication between you and the office before and during your move. It is very easy to do this if we have your cell phone number. If you have a home phone, be sure the number is not disconnected or your phone is not packed in one of the boxes.


PARKING SPACE AND PERMITS – Please be sure that there is ample space to park the moving truck in front of your residence. If a driveway is not available on moving day, you can park your cars on the road to help reserve the truck space, but if the quickest access to your home is from the main road, you will need to obtain local permit for the moving truck parking space reservation on the public road. Please see below helpful links to obtain moving truck permin in your area.

LOADING DOCK AND ELEVATOR – If your move requires the use of the loading dock and/or an elevator, please contact your apartment building manager to schedule a day and time for the use of the loading dock and elevator.


STORAGE FACILITY – Call your Washington DC storage company and inform them of your move date and approximate time of arrival. Also inquire about the hours of operation to avoid problems with access to the storage.


PIANOS – There are many types of pianos. If you are not sure what kind of piano you have, please call the office and one of our associates will help you identify the type of piano. We are doing this to be sure that, on moving day, you have enough DC area movers to safely and securely move your piano from its current location to your new residence.


PROJECTS – Many houses in Georgetown have narrow staircases. Are you sure we can fit your nice items upstairs? Maybe your king size box spring will be a problem putting into the new house? Your sofa too big for the front door? No problem! Our skilled handyman will resolve all kinds of problems. We offer:


  • Hoisting items
  • Safety removing and reinstalling windows
  • Box springs disassembly and reassembly (diagonal cutting) in new residence
  • Sofa disassembly and reassembly
  • Gym equipment disassembly and reassembly
  • Customized crates for your antiques pictures or other valuable item

Please also visit our Washington DC movers’ Services page. For more details click here.
POSTPONEMENTS and CANCELLATIONS – We understand that you would like to postpone or cancel your move. Please call our office at least 72 hours before your move or pack date. Please also see weather restrictions.


PAYMENT – When the move is complete, payment should be made by cash, credit card like VISA, MasterCard, or Discovery, money order, or cashier’s check. We do not accept personal checks and do not accept American Express card at this time. Card use fees may apply.


VALUATION – The liability authorized under Released Rates Orders of the Surface Transportation Bureau of the U.S. Department of Transportation requires us to value all your items at the rate of $.60 per pound per article up to $50.00 per item with total $250.00 deductible. We also offer additional Full Value Protection or Depreciation Value Protection with deductible option for extra fee for moving and DC area storage services. Please contact our office for more details about protection coverage.