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How To Move A Fish Tank

August 28th 2016 by: Alexander

Moving special items like pianos, pool tables, and fish tanks is complicated and is best done by professionals. Georgetown Moving and Storage has the professional moving staff equipped with the training and experience needed to move these items that require special attention.

The first step in moving these kinds of items is preparation. Although many homes do not have large fish tanks, some do. Even smaller fish tanks require special care and preparation during moving. For the fish tank, the first step is to remove the fish and place them into a holding area.

Depending on the amount of time between the locations you can use individual bags for the fish with water from the tank or a sealed bucket for larger fish that need more space to move around. If you are planning an interstate move it is best to contact a company who specializes in transportation or shipping of fish to ensure their well being. Moving can be especially stressful for fish. It is important to follow these guidelines to make the move as stress free for your fish as possible.

The most important thing to remember when relocating your tank is that you should never move the tank with the fish inside. Whether you are relocating the tank to another room, down the street or to another town or state, the fish should always be removed from the tank. Unfortunately, Georgetown Moving and Storage is not licensed to transport live animals, and we doubt very much that any animal would enjoy a bumpy ride in a hot truck. Once you have individually secured the fish, the next step is to dump your tank.

When dumping the tank you should try to save some of the water to place back into the newly filled tank to preserve some of the bacteria from the old tank. Fish can be prone to being shocked by a new environment, and this can sometimes be fatal. Keeping some of the old water from before the tank was emptied and adding it to the newly filled tank makes the fish feel more familiar in their home.

To ensure that your fish are as comfortable as possible in their new home, you will want to make sure that as many conditions as possible are the same as before the move. This includes water temperature, type of water, salinity level, silt levels, if any new plants or decorations are being introduced to the fish tank, and anything that affects the environment of the fish. Any sand, coral, rocks, and any decorations should also be removed from the tank.

Anything that could bump into the sides of the tank and could scratch or break the glass should be removed. All the water pumps and filters should also be removed prior to the movers arriving to transport the fish tank. This would also be a good chance to clean the tank if it needs to be cleaned. The glass can be cleaned and the inside scrubbed to make it look like new again and get rid of any dirt or grime.

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