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How to Keep Valuables Safe During a Move

October 26th 2017 by: Jim

Your upcoming move provides a fresh start for your family, possibly in a whole new city with a different job and a new school for the kids. While this may excite you, you also know you must transport everything to your new home before you can settle in. If you’re worried about keeping valuables safe during a move, this guide will help you make the proper preparations.

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How to Pack Valuables

As you begin packing in preparation for moving day, take special care of your fragile valuables with these tips:

  • Pad boxes: Create a buffer at the bottom of each box by lining it with packing paper. After loading the box, stuff another layer of paper inside, and tape the lid shut.

  • Wrap fragile items before packing them: Packing paper and bubble wrap provide much-needed barriers between breakables, including dishes, glassware, and figurines.

  • Label fragile boxes: Make sure your movers know which boxes require extra care. Write the word “FRAGILE” on multiple sides of each box to get the message across. Also, label the destination room for faster delivery at the end of a long moving day.

  • Wrap furniture and other large items: Tape soft padding to all furniture items to protect them—and your walls, for that matter—from dings and scratches. We even recommend wrapping couches and other soft furniture items to keep them clean during the move.

  • Know what not to pack: Your mover may be willing to transport all your valuables, but you’ll feel better if you keep some items with you. Valuables include jewelry, heirlooms, collectibles, cash, and appraisal documents.


How to Protect Valuables While Moving

The number one way to protect valuables of all shapes and sizes is to hire experienced movers. They’ll know how to ensure your belongings arrive unscathed. Here are some techniques professionals use to protect valuables while moving:

  • Build custom crates: Georgetown Moving and Storage Company can construct crates to protect valuables that don’t fit in a box. Whether you’re moving a priceless painting, sculpture, chandelier, or fish tank, crating is often the best protective method.

  • Take inventory: We encourage you to write descriptions and take pictures of all the valuable items you’ll be moving. When the truck reaches your new home, verify that all your belongings are in the same condition you packed them in. Note any damages on the inventory sheet or your final bill.

  • Insure your belongings: In the rare case that our protective methods aren’t enough, we provide full value insurance so you can repair, replace, or receive reimbursement for damaged items. If certain items aren’t covered, find out ahead of time so you can look into your homeowner’s insurance coverage. This provides the final bit of protection you need for peace of mind on moving day.


Choose Georgetown Moving and Storage Company

When you move with us, expect premium protection for high-value items. Once you schedule your move, you have the option to purchase full value protection by filling out a form that identifies any extraordinary valuable items (those exceeding $100 per pound) you’ll be moving. Then, our professional, award-winning team will handle your move with the utmost care to drastically reduce the chance of damage to your valuables and keepsakes.

If you’re still confused about how to keep valuables safe during a move in the DC, MD, or VA areas, contact Georgetown Moving and Storage Company today at (703) 466-0575!

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