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East Coast Florida Moves from Washington DC, Northern Virginia and Maryland Area

May 3rd 2013 by: Ashley

Are you considering a move to the sunshine state? Georgetown Moving and Storage can provide non-stop service from the DC metro area straight to Florida. We will pick up your items and move them straight to Florida within 2-3 days of service.

(Daytona Beach, FL)

Whether you will be moving from DC, Maryland, or Virginia to anywhere from Tallahassee or as close as Jacksonville maybe all the way to Miami we have got you covered. With experience providing moves all down the east coast all the way to Florida, Georgetown Moving and storage can assist you with full service moves.

Interested in packing services as well for your move to Florida? We can offer same day packing and loading services and have your items on the road the same day. The items will be delivered in a few days and we can even unpack for you!

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